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When all is stripped away

I feel like I missed the “How To…” book, the blog post, the podcast – the one that outlines planning for a natural disaster in the midst of a health and economic one. The one that proposes Plan D when Plans A, B and C have fallen short. No electricity. No water. No wi-fi. No local coffee shop where you can go to recharge.

What are you up to, God? Not the instigator, but the one true constant in the midst of the virtual and physical storms surrounding me.

The day after, sitting in my car with a barely functioning charger trying to replenish my phone’s battery I found my mind moving to the mental list of things I’d need to be better prepared next time. Better car charger. Weather radio. Flashlights. I felt the anxiety begin to creep up. Screech.

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God has not given a spirit of fear

Too much unknown. Too little information available on the true scope of coronavirus infection within the U.S. Too much unnecessary risk. …

“Psychologists view control as a fundamental human need…this epidemic violates a sense of control in fundamental ways,” a Time article explained to me.

Ahhh, control. My arch nemesis. Although I’d challenge their assertion that control is something I need there’s no question that it’s something I want. My go to crutch. It ties into my deeper desires for safety, security, peace, wholeness – a sense that all is right in my world.

Everything around me felt like shifting sand and I couldn’t find my solid rock.

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