Author: Laura Arnold

Finding Rest In the Waiting

What a whirlwind these past ten days have been! My husband submitted his dissertation seven days ago and then started working nonstop on our home. We worked night and day to get it ready to sell. It went live on the MLS six days later at 10 am. By 12:30 pm we had five people that wanted to see it and had an hour to get out! Oof. Within twenty-four hours, we had two offers that were above our asking price!! We were ecstatic. As we were filling out the seller’s disclosure form, we were moments away from submitting...

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Emmanuel in the Everyday

In the middle of planning for the Christmas season and keeping up with work, God has been reminding me of the beauty found in the manger: Infinite Light. Unbound goodness. Beauty unending…  All in the face of a little baby. Wonderful Counselor. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Prince of Peace. Emmanuel. Sometimes life becomes so filled with the ordinary, common tasks that it seems there may not be space for anything else. Yet, present is who He is: God with us. A little baby born in the most unsuspecting of places. There were few eyes to look on Him.  Yet, with His entrance,...

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