Author: Holly Mackle

I’m Dreaming of a Shame-Free Christmas

You can tell a lot about a person by their feelings on the classic movie, White Christmas. {Mostly whether they’re an elf or a scrooge, but I try not to judge…} Even my use of the adjective “classic” is a dead giveaway and implies a certain head shake toward anyone who might go for another descriptor, say, cloying or omnipresent. My adoration for the movie is well-documented in my Google search history. There has been at least one deep dive into both Wikipedia and IMDB for interesting morsels surrounding this film, none of which are as cool as the fact that my aunt once spent a lovely evening in a night club where a young Rosemary Clooney was the singer.

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Dear Future Me: on regret, memory, and keeping the record straight

 Though Holly’s littlest bitty is now almost 5, her words here are timeless. As so many are on the verge of a new school year, a new job, a new season and are looking back on what was (or wasn’t) – I want these words to be a call to truth and grace. I know I need it. Maybe you do too. – Dana Smith, Women’s Equipping Coordinator   Tonight {if all goes well, and really, who am I kidding…} I will rock my three year old and put her into the crib for the last time, as tomorrow...

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Picture Perfect

…when we say no to a random or spur-of-the-moment picture, what we’re really saying is, “Don’t remember I was here.” This is far deeper than a body image issue. This is about presence, contribution, connection in friendship, and family identity.

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Fingers Pointing Right On Back

David and I have decided our goal in parenting is for our girls to look back and see love. In spite of all our mistakes and flaws, quick reproaches or unattainable expectations, we want them to reflect and remember love. There is much at stake. We don’t want to get in the way of the redemptive work of God in their hearts. When these two covenant babies hear the voice of the Father say, “You are mine,” we want it to sound so right, so familiar, so easy to follow because it’s as if they’ve heard it all their lives. May they never remember a day when they did not worship the One True King.

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All In

Before going through the Battle for the Heart process, I was discipled alongside a best friend by a godly elder’s wife in our church. For just shy of ten years, we spent hours each week drinking tea, sharing our hearts, and urging one another closer and closer to the Father. I had and knew true fellowship.

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