Author: Abby Mandella

From One Degree Of Glory To Another

 Without a vision, the people perish.” (Prov. 29:18a) I’ve heard this phrase time and again stressing the importance of having a plan and knowing where you are headed. But what do you do when a pandemic hits and the vision you had for your year gets completely canceled? While so many were experiencing a slowing down (or slamming to a halt) of their worlds, we were busier than ever. When we were forced to cancel all our in-person events for the fall, our staff went into action – focusing on our mission and asking the Lord how we might...

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A Guide To The Pain That Slaps You In The Face

Our burden is real, there’s no doubt. But it isn’t mine to carry alone. It was an invitation, in the most unexpected place, to come weary and trade this burden for rest. It was a gentle reminder that I don’t have to hold it all together. I can’t undo the pain of a past or avoid the pain of the present but I can trust that the one who was there continues to carry the weight and will be faithful to heal.

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When Dreams Don’t Come True

 I still remember her slightly cynical giggle as she heard my story of adopting 3 children at once and asked, “Who does that?” Not that many years later I was the one giggling as God answered that question in the way only he can, by leading Abby down a similar path of fostering and adoption. Though I have walked this path ahead of her, she is a constant inspiration to me. She reminds me what real love looks like and why the choice to love is worth it…even when it hurts. – Dana Smith, Women’s Equipping Coordinator   Fourteen...

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Not My Child

In the face of brokenness, I take a deep breath. My heart is breaking as I try not to imagine the unbearable pain so many parents and families felt as they faced the nightmare of February 14th’s school shooting.  It’s every parent’s greatest fear, but that day it was reality for 17 parents.  I almost can’t breathe. … that could have been my child… But this isn’t about me.  Despite the feelings manifesting themselves in my inner being, the trembles that I seek to control and the simple knowing, that was not my child – I cannot help but...

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