Month: April 2020

When all is stripped away

I feel like I missed the “How To…” book, the blog post, the podcast – the one that outlines planning for a natural disaster in the midst of a health and economic one. The one that proposes Plan D when Plans A, B and C have fallen short. No electricity. No water. No wi-fi. No local coffee shop where you can go to recharge.

What are you up to, God? Not the instigator, but the one true constant in the midst of the virtual and physical storms surrounding me.

The day after, sitting in my car with a barely functioning charger trying to replenish my phone’s battery I found my mind moving to the mental list of things I’d need to be better prepared next time. Better car charger. Weather radio. Flashlights. I felt the anxiety begin to creep up. Screech.

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What do I believe? Grappling with Truth in the wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked us all. Schools are closed. Unemployment is skyrocketing. Hospitals and nursing homes are strained. Analog churches are trying to find meaningful engagement in a digital world. People are afraid. I have wanted to guard myself by either blaming others, pushing even harder into busyness, or pretending as though this pandemic has no bearing on my family or our future. During the course of the last two weeks, four core truths of the gospel for me have been tested. God’s heart revealed in Jesus is good toward me. God is able, beyond my wildest dreams....

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