Month: February 2019

Who Was Driving?

Reading Anisa’s words I am deeply struck as I connect with her heart that fiercely loves her family and fiercely loves her God. What a challenge it must have been to process that call and then seek to be fully present for the task God had given her that weekend! As I am often faced with circumstances where love for family and love for God can seem to be in disagreement, Anisa reminds me to look at God’s larger story and ask what He might be up to beyond what I can see. – Dana Smith, Women’s Equipping Coordinator...

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A Disciplined Refusal: waffles, jelly, leaves and gifts for the soul

It seemed to take hours to allow the other noise and my own voice in my head to mute, leak out, or dissolve away so that what I heard and felt was Him. No, I did not hear from Him audibly, but it was as real as that. I heard from Him in my head and heart in a communicating way that did not need sound to impact me deeply. I felt the presence of the Lord and experienced the peace and calm of his shepherd-like care for the true and real me….nothing about this silent event changed anything about the nature of God. What changed was my seeing and experiencing Him, which only came after a disciplined refusal…

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