Month: January 2019

A Guide To The Pain That Slaps You In The Face

Our burden is real, there’s no doubt. But it isn’t mine to carry alone. It was an invitation, in the most unexpected place, to come weary and trade this burden for rest. It was a gentle reminder that I don’t have to hold it all together. I can’t undo the pain of a past or avoid the pain of the present but I can trust that the one who was there continues to carry the weight and will be faithful to heal.

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The Set-Up I hate New Year’s resolutions! I think this hatred is tied to my lifelong fear of failure. It seems like there is so much pressure to make a declaration of our grand intentions for the coming year, but then how often do we really keep these resolutions? If you are like me…not very often. So it is like setting myself up for failure! For me this is because any resolutions I might make in the pressure of the season are most likely MY idea based on the shoulds and oughts that are haunting me at the time. ...

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