Month: July 2018

Happy Dependence Day

Every year we celebrate Independence Day, acknowledging the day we were able to stand on our own as a nation free from British rule. This year I am reminded of my own independent streak.  For better or worse, independence has been my “go to” most of my life. What I once viewed as maturity I now know is just self-protection. It has been a hard lesson that I’m sure I will continue to grapple with until Heaven. “Miss Independent” Growing up, I was always very mature for my age.  I took great pride in that fact, as though it...

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When Dreams Don’t Come True

 I still remember her slightly cynical giggle as she heard my story of adopting 3 children at once and asked, “Who does that?” Not that many years later I was the one giggling as God answered that question in the way only he can, by leading Abby down a similar path of fostering and adoption. Though I have walked this path ahead of her, she is a constant inspiration to me. She reminds me what real love looks like and why the choice to love is worth it…even when it hurts. – Dana Smith, Women’s Equipping Coordinator   Fourteen...

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