Month: February 2018

Not My Child

In the face of brokenness, I take a deep breath. My heart is breaking as I try not to imagine the unbearable pain so many parents and families felt as they faced the nightmare of February 14th’s school shooting.  It’s every parent’s greatest fear, but that day it was reality for 17 parents.  I almost can’t breathe. … that could have been my child… But this isn’t about me.  Despite the feelings manifesting themselves in my inner being, the trembles that I seek to control and the simple knowing, that was not my child – I cannot help but...

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I began 2018 in a plane on the way to Prague. I was on my way to help with a Battle for the Heart event in the Czech Republic. Because of the in country travel we would be doing, I was challenged to fit everything I needed into a carry on suitcase. Seriously? I had several issues with that. First, it’s cold in Prague! Cold weather clothes are bulkier and take up more space. Second, I’m a girl! My makeup, beauty products, hair dryer, etc. are important!

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