Month: August 2017

Vocation Meets Deep Desire

As we open ourselves to God and worship Him and to bring us fully (all the parts) to Him, He infuses purpose, talent and fruit into our lives. As that infusing changes us, it allows God to lead us into the places and vocations He wants for us.

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The Glory of Diving in

Though I may have met her at a Battle event, I don’t know Katie Callahan personally. However, as I read her words I feel like we would probably be great friends if we lived closer! Oh how I can relate to the feeling of undoneness when faced with the ugly idol of perfectionism and the fear that comes from not knowing who you are apart from what you do. Katie’s courage to bring her brokenness to God is beautiful. And I for one am especially grateful for her timely reminder to rest in the woman God created me to...

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