Month: June 2017

Shell-Shocked but Steadfast

That’s what I call them. When life seems to be going along its merry way and then, BOOM, something comes out of nowhere that knocks you off your feet and takes the breath right out of you.  You think all is well and, BOOM – you thought wrong. Bombs.  That’s what they feel like – Unexpected, disorienting, earth-shattering, shrapnel flying, sometimes makes you feel like you might die happenings of life.  Do you know what I mean?

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As we launch our blog and look forward to Father’s Day, I thought it appropriate to share from the heart of the Father of Wellspring Group – Larry Bolden. Larry is the father of one son and grandfather of five. The following prayer was written as part of the Battle for Your Marriage process that many of our alumni couples are going through right now. In my time with Wellspring Larry has re-parented me in so many ways, being an echo of my Abba Father’s heart and redeeming places long devastated. I was so moved by the humility of...

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