I “met” Jill Walker on our first facilitator coaching call this past spring. She had not led her team through the first half of the follow through process, and I remember her coming in feeling behind the other facilitators. I was drawn to her courage as she chose to jump in with her whole heart right from the start. Her choice to trust both God and this group of strangers was a beautiful example of surrender that certainly gave strength to her coach.

Dana Smith, Women’s Equipping Coordinator (and Jill’s grateful coach)

Have you ever felt like you’re just not good enough?

My outgoing, bubbly, confident teammate started out as our group’s facilitator.  She was great at it and it seemed like a perfect fit.  However, we agreed from the beginning that we would share the load.  When my turn came to become the facilitator, I was leery and anxious.  I was quiet and shy and not well spoken.  How could I do this “JOB” justice?  Wasn’t she a better candidate than me? I found myself thinking “Oh Lord, send Aaron.”

God had a plan

Little did I know that God was going to use this experience to bring me to a place of surrender and teach me how to echo his heart to my domain.

I found myself… eager to see what I would learn.

After the first call, I was hooked.  I found myself looking forward to each call and eager to see what I would learn. These calls were real and valuable and they gave me tangible skills to take back and share with my team.  This group of apparent strangers very quickly became trusted friends who allowed for vulnerability, failure, doubt, celebrated success, dialogue practice, and problem solving.  The gamut of emotions were allowed, acceptable, and even encouraged during each call. I was shocked at how quickly the facilitator group found comfort in one another. It felt like long lost cousins who share the desire to grow in their faith.  The element of kinship and unconditional love arose quickly in our group which created a sense of safety.  That sense of safety led to the willingness to take risks with one another which fostered a nurturing learning environment.

God Met Me there

While I didn’t feel ready, equipped, qualified, prepared, or even capable to lead my group, as He so often does, God met me there.  He used my teammates to echo His love back to me.  As I discussed struggles and strategies with the women on my call, I began to see my insecurity fade because my trust moved from self-sufficiency to dependent reliance under the umbrella of surrender.

It provided me with chances to grow that I didn’t expect.  Watching my teammates proceed with courage and faith spurred me on to do the same (Hebrews 10:24). It provided me with chances to grow that I didn’t expect. Click To Tweet

Facilitating a group has been like being on a sports team.  God blessed me with new teammates, a new coach, and fellow athletes who are out of shape, but willing to work out their hearts in ways like never before.  These work outs strengthened my heart and placed me in an intimate spot with Jesus like I have never known.

I dared to step out in spite of doubt and fear, and I was truly blessed. I trusted that God’s heart toward me is good and I witnessed His lavish love poured back on me through this facilitating adventure.  It morphed from fulfilling a responsibility into a journey for which I am grateful to have been a part of.

Where is one time where you’ve experienced God meeting you there?

One Step Further:

  • Where is God calling you to step under the umbrella of surrender?
  • What areas of your heart need exercising?
  • How might God be calling you to step into the Fellowship for a good work out?