Author: Larry Bolden

Inviting God Home For Christmas

Why do we all long for home? Because we were created for home – for Shalom – that sense of peace, wholeness, goodwill to men, for a moment all is right with the world. We all long for a place for relationships that invite us into that sense of home. But have you ever considered whether God longs for home?

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The Fellowship of Faith

The older I get the more I realize that I need help to come through, I need my brothers and sisters to “spur me on” to play the part only I can play, to “give me courage” to embrace the cross, to know that I am his beloved, to trust God to come through in me and through me in the battles of life and ministry.

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As we launch our blog and look forward to Father’s Day, I thought it appropriate to share from the heart of the Father of Wellspring Group – Larry Bolden. Larry is the father of one son and grandfather of five. The following prayer was written as part of the Battle for Your Marriage process that many of our alumni couples are going through right now. In my time with Wellspring Larry has re-parented me in so many ways, being an echo of my Abba Father’s heart and redeeming places long devastated. I was so moved by the humility of...

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