Author: Dana Smith

Happy Dependence Day

Every year we celebrate Independence Day, acknowledging the day we were able to stand on our own as a nation free from British rule. This year I am reminded of my own independent streak.  For better or worse, independence has been my “go to” most of my life. What I once viewed as maturity I now know is just self-protection. It has been a hard lesson that I’m sure I will continue to grapple with until Heaven. “Miss Independent” Growing up, I was always very mature for my age.  I took great pride in that fact, as though it...

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I began 2018 in a plane on the way to Prague. I was on my way to help with a Battle for the Heart event in the Czech Republic. Because of the in country travel we would be doing, I was challenged to fit everything I needed into a carry on suitcase. Seriously? I had several issues with that. First, it’s cold in Prague! Cold weather clothes are bulkier and take up more space. Second, I’m a girl! My makeup, beauty products, hair dryer, etc. are important!

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While You Are In It

She had asked this question nearly every time I called to report the latest Smith family bomb and one would think that by now I would have been ready with the “right” answer. Alas, I am but a forgetful sheep. After she listened to me, cried with me and reminded me that she loved me she asked… “Have you given thanks?”

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Afflictions Eclipsed By Glory

Why does evil hunt you? 

Because of your design, your purpose, your mission to reveal the glory of God, the heart of God, to bring the rule of God to your domain as you experience and express love as a man who offers life and growth or a woman who invites into beauty, life, and rest.

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Shell-Shocked but Steadfast

That’s what I call them. When life seems to be going along its merry way and then, BOOM, something comes out of nowhere that knocks you off your feet and takes the breath right out of you.  You think all is well and, BOOM – you thought wrong. Bombs.  That’s what they feel like – Unexpected, disorienting, earth-shattering, shrapnel flying, sometimes makes you feel like you might die happenings of life.  Do you know what I mean?

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